Takes It To The Next Level

Who We Are

CNMAR SHIP, is established after working in the Turkish markets for over 30 years by the Secmeer families, in order to give over the standards of the market services to our clients and their vessels.

Our experience has been gained through the handling of such business for major Shipmanagement Companies, building on our deep knowledge and experience within shipping agency, CNMAR SHIP, are continually exploring new ways to innovate and grow with our clients.

We are excited by the huge potential of new technologies and ways of working that are helping us to create flexible and adapting high-quality services to our client with 24 hours a day 7 days week cooperation mentalities.

CNMAR SHIP’ s dedicated team of experienced staff are ready to assist with the most efficient and cost-effective ways.

We are ready and able to provide services at Turkish, German ports, and the Straits.

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CNMAR SHIP would like to play a critical role in building agency services to the Ship Management compaines and our vision is creating a professional, high quality and cost effective services to the ship management companies at Turkish & German ports, straits.

CNMAR SHIP, the mission is to

  • Serve only the Internationaal Ship Management companies
  • Arrange an expceptional service to our clients
  • Costs are one of our concerns
  • Work continuously to improve the quality of all of our services
  • To be reliable
  • Use high technology
  • Arrange all operations with our high quality, educated team members

Our Experience


Stol Nielsen Transportation Group/ Stol Tankers USA ̈CHEMICAL TANKER OPERATIONS ̈
Served as an owner agent at all Turkish ports and the straits.


Docenave/Vila BRASIL ̈BULK OPERATIONS Served as an owner agent at Iskenderun and Kdz.Eregli for discharging iron ores.


Gotaas Larsen Shipping Corporation/Golar LNG NORWAY
Acting as an agent for LNG shipment from Qatar to Botas Marmara Ereglisi.


Tupras Terminal Turkey ̈TANKER OPERATIONS ̈ Served as a charterer agent to the various first class traders during the loading or discharging petroleum products at Aliaga and Tutunciftlik.


Tokyo Marine TOKYO&U.K
Served as an owner agent at all Turkish ports and the straits.


Trans KA TURKEY ̈CHEMICAL TANKER OPERATIONS ̈ Arranged various of agency services loading/discharing from Turkish ports.


Arranged agency services as a receiver/shipper agent for Agriculture products.


Nidera Handelscompagnia B.V THE NETHERLANDS/COFCO INTERNATIONAL ̈BULK OPERATIONS FOR AGRICULTURE PRODUCTS ̈ Arranged agency services as a receiver/shipper agent for agriculture products


Zodiac Maritime U.K
Arranged agency services as an owner agent at all Turkish ports and the straits.

Also arranged Equate Meg contract to the port of Iskenderun and Gebze between 2003-2005.


Chembulk Maritime Singapore,Pte.Ltd.SINGAPORE ̈CHEMICAL TANKERS&VEGOIL OPERATIONS ̈ Arranged agency services at all Turkish ports and the straits


Pasific Inter-Link Sdn Bhd MALAYSIA
Arranged agency services as an charterer agent at all Turkish ports and the straits, annual palm products quantities were half a million tons.Also arranged brokerage services
for short sea operations.


M.T. Maritime Pte. Ltd. SINGAPORE
Arranged agency services as an owner agent at all Turkish ports and the straits.


PT.Berlian Laju Tankers Tbk INDONEIS
Arranged agency services as an owner agent at all Turkish ports and the straits.


Arranged agency services as a charterer agent for veggies.


Eiitzen Chemical Tankers Ltd. DENMARK ̈TANKER OPERATIONS ̈ Arranged agency services for Equate MEG contract to the port of Iskenderun and Gebze plus owner agency services at all Turkish ports and the straits.


Offer Shipping Group/XT Shipping ISRAEL
Arranging husbandry and dry dock agency services at all Turkish ports, straits and Tuzla+Yalova shipyards.


Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (Greece) S.A. GREECE ̈CREW&TECHNICAL MANAGEMENT AGENCIES
Arranged crew, spares, supplies and dry dock agency services at all Turkish ports, straits and Tuzla shipyards.


SMT Shipping (Cyprus) Ltd.
Arranged dry dock agency services at Tuzla+Yalova shipyards.


Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (Cyprus) Ltd. CYPRUS ̈CREW&TECHNICAL MANAGEMENT AGENCIES
Arranging crew, spares, supplies, and dry dock agency services at all Turkish ports, straits and Tuzla+Yalova shipyards.


Interorient Marine Services Ltd. CYPRUS
Arranging crew, spares, supplies and dry dock agency services at all Turkish ports,straits.


Interorient Marine Services GmbH GERMANY ̈TECHNICAL MANAGEMENT AGENCIES ̈ Arranging crew, spares, supplies and dry dock agency services at all Turkish ports, straits.


Cyprus Sea Lines S.A. GREECE
Arranging crew, spares, supplies and dry dock agency services at all Turkish ports, straits.


Thomas Schulte Shipmanagement Ltd.(Cyprus) ̈CREW MANAGEMENT AGENCIES ̈ Arranging crew change agency services at all Turkish ports, straits.

Working Conditions


“Activities” means the functions specified 

“Agent” means the party stated 

“Disbursements” means expenses paid or payable to third parties.

“Expenses” means costs incurred by or on behalf of the Agent for the account of the Principal. “Funding” means the terms on which Remuneration will be paid and Disbursements settled. “Parties” means the Agent and the Principal.

“Period” means the length of time and/or the project details specified 

“Principal” means the party stated 

“Remuneration” means the fee, commission or other sum payable to the Agent for the performance of the agreed Activities.

“Territory” means the port(s), place(s) or geographic area specified 

 Section 1 Basis of the Agreement

  • The Agent has agreed to act on behalf of the Principal in the Territory in accordance with this Agreement.
  • The Principal undertakes not to appoint any other party in the Territory for the Activities set out , unless and solely to the extent required to do so by the terms of a charter party or other contract of carriage. In such event, all other Activities under this agreement shall be performed by the Agent.
  • The Principal will remunerate the Agent for the Activities agreed in accordance with Box 9 and/or Annex A (Remuneration).
  • The Agent may appoint sub-agents.

The Agent shall not be responsible for the negligent acts or defaults of any sub-agents unless the Agent fails to exercise due care in the appointment and supervision of such sub- agent. Notwithstanding the foregoing the Agent shall be responsible for the acts of its subsidiary companies appointed within the context of this Clause.

The Agent shall not be responsible for failure to exercise due care in the appointment of any sub-agent nominated by the Principal.

 Section 2 Activities

  • Activities include the following and may be expanded upon in Annex C:
  • Marketing and sales

  1. Undertaking marketing and sales in the Territory by maintaining contact with shippers, consignees, freight forwarders and charterers and keeping the Principal informed of potential business opportunities;
  1. providing statistics and information reasonably requested by the Principal;
  1. engaging in public relations activities and participating in any trade association as agreed with the Principal; and
  1. agreeing a budget with the Principal to enable the Agent to fulfil the agreed scope of representation.
  • Port agency

  1. Arranging for berthing of vessels, loading and discharging of cargo and/or passengers in accordance with local custom and conditions;
  1. cargo operations: co-ordinating stevedores and terminal operators, reporting to relevant authorities and arranging and checking documentation;
  1. inward and outward clearance of vessels: making arrangements to permit entry and departure, complying with the requirements of statutory and regulatory authorities and arranging and co-ordinating the provision of port services;
  1. keeping the Principal regularly and in a timely manner informed of port and working

conditions likely to affect the despatch of the Principal’s vessels;

  1. reporting to the Principal the vessel’s position and preparing a statement of facts of the call and/or a port log; and
  1. placing orders on behalf of the Principal for the supply of goods and services.
  • Husbandry agency

  1. Attending the Master and all crew matters, consular requirements, organising medical and dental treatment and supervising crew changes;
  1. ordering and receiving goods, services, supplies and spare parts for the vessel;
  1. making arrangements for receiving bunkers;
  1. arranging and co-ordinating repairs; and
  1. all other activities relating to the day to day running of the vessel.
  • General agency

  1. Co-ordinating all activities of port and/or sub-agents, as set forth in this Agreement, in order to ensure the proper performance of all customary requirements for the operation of the Principal’s vessels in the Territory; and
  1. attending to the Principal’s requirements concerning claims handling. All expenses

involved with claims handling are for the Principal’s account.

  • Documentation

On behalf of the Principal, issuing bills of lading and manifests, delivery orders, certificates and such other documents as may be required.

  • All communications, instructions and exchanges between the Parties in connection with arrangements for, and the operation of, Activities shall be in accordance with the Agent’s contact details at Box 14 and the Principal’s contact details at Box 15.

 Section 3 Finance and Budgets

01.Unless expressly agreed otherwise between the parties in writing, the Company must pay to the Agent the total value of the Pro-forma Disbursement Account prior to the Agent commencing the services. The parties may agree a pre-funding which may be lower than the total amount of the Pro-Forma Disbursement Account value. In any case the pre-funding must be paid into a bank account specified by the Agent in cleared funds.

02.Should the Company fail to pay the cited amount, the Agent shall be entitled to refuse to provide some or all of the services. If the Agent does provide some or all of the services despite the non-payment, the Company will remain liable to pay the Agent all relevant fees and costs in relation to the services. 

  1. Should the scope of the Services increase following the formation of the Port Call Appointment, or if it appears that the Pre-funding will be lower than the actual Disbursements and commissions, the Agent shall be entitled to issue one or more Revised Disbursement Accounts specifying a further sum which is required to be paid by the Company prior to the provision of the relevant Services. The Company shall pay such amounts specified in the Revised Disbursement Account and such sums shall be deemed to be part of the Pre-funding.
  1. Following the completion of the Services, the Agent shall submit to the Company a Final Disbursement Account, taking into account any pre-funding which has been received by the Company in cleared funds. The company shall pay any such balance stated in the Final Disbursement Account. 
  1. Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, all invoices issued by the Agent shall be payable by the Company within seven days of the date of the invoice. The Agent shall be entitled to claim and recover interest of four percent per annum above the base lending rate of Turkish Central Bank on any overdue payment until payment in full is received by the Agent. 
  1. Except for taxes on the Agent’s own income, the Company is responsible for all taxes, charges, imposts, customs duties, levies, and other fees or charges of any kind payable to any governmental, fiscal or taxing authority anywhere in relation to the services.
  1. For the avoidance of doubt, the Agent shall not be required or expected to use or commit

its own funds to finance the Principal’s interests or obligations

 Section 4 Resources and Insurance

  • The Agent shall provide resources necessary for the performance of its Activities under this Agreement.
  • Software provided by the Principal for any purpose connected with this Agreement shall remain the Principal’s property and shall be used exclusively for the purpose for which it is provided.
  • Insurance

  • The Agent shall, throughout the duration of this Agreement, maintain adequate and appropriate insurance cover for:
  1. negligent acts or defaults in the performance of its obligations under this Agreement; and
  1. public liability insurance.
  • The Principal shall, throughout the duration of this Agreement, maintain shipowners’ protection and indemnity insurance or charterers’ cover, as appropriate. If the Principal does not have such cover, the Agent shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement with immediate effect by giving written notice to the Principal.
  • The Principal and the Agent shall, on the request of the other, provide evidence of such insurance cover.

 Section 5 Liability

  • Liability
  • Liability to Principal

The Agent shall not be liable to the Principal for any loss, damage, delay or expense of whatsoever nature, whether direct or indirect, (including but not limited to loss of profit arising out of or in connection with detention of or delay to the vessel) and howsoever arising in the course of performance of this Agreement, unless same is proved to have resulted solely from the negligence or wilful default of the Agent or sub-agents.

Save where loss, damage, delay or expense has resulted from the Agent’s personal act or omission committed with the intent to cause same or recklessly and with knowledge that such loss, damage, delay or expense would probably result, the Agent’s liability for each incident or series of incidents giving rise to a claim or claims shall never exceed:

  1. * a total of ten (10) times the Remuneration specified in Box 9 which shall be deemed earned in any event; or
  1. * the amount agreed and stated in Box 11.

*Subparagraphs (a) and (b) are alternatives. If Box 11 is not completed, subparagraph (a) shall apply.

  • Himalaya Clause

It is hereby expressly agreed that no employee of the Agent (including every sub-contractor from time to time employed by the Agent) shall in any circumstances whatsoever be under any liability whatsoever to the Principal for any expense, loss, damage or delay of whatsoever kind arising or resulting directly or indirectly from any act, neglect, or default on its part while acting in the course of or in connection with its employment and, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing provisions in this Clause 19(ii), every exemption, limitation, condition and liberty herein contained and every right, exemption from liability, defence and immunity of whatsoever nature applicable to the Agent or to which the Agent is entitled hereunder shall also be available and shall extend to protect every such employee or sub- contractor acting as aforesaid and for the purpose of all the foregoing provisions of this Clause 19 the Agent is or shall be deemed to be acting as agent or trustee on behalf of and for the benefit of all persons who are or might be its servants or agents from time to time (including sub-contractors as aforesaid) and all such persons shall to this extent be or be deemed to be parties to this Agreement.

  • Except to the extent that the Agent would be liable under Clause 17, the Principal hereby undertakes to keep the Agent and its employees, agents and sub-contractors indemnified and to hold them harmless against all actions, proceedings, claims, demands or liabilities whatsoever or howsoever arising which may be brought against them or incurred or suffered by them arising out of or in connection with the performance of this Agreement, and against and in respect of all costs, loss, damage and expenses (including legal costs and expenses on

a full indemnity basis) which the Agent may suffer or incur (either directly or indirectly) in the course of the performance of this Agreement.

 Section 6 Miscellaneous

  • This Agreement shall terminate forthwith in the event of an order being made or resolution passed for the winding up, dissolution, liquidation or bankruptcy of either party (otherwise than for the purpose of reconstruction or amalgamation) or if a receiver or administrator is appointed, or if it suspends payment, ceases to carry on business or makes any special arrangement or composition with its creditors.
  • The Principal shall provide the Agent with procedures and policies to be followed in connection with its duties and functions under this Agreement.
  • If anything is done or not done, such shall not constitute a waiver of any rights under this Agreement.
  • Neither party shall assign or novate this Agreement without the consent of the other party.
  • The provisions of this Agreement are private and confidential. The Agent will treat all information provided by the Principal about its business activities as confidential. The Agent will not disclose such confidential information, without the Principal’s consent, either during or after termination of this Agreement.

This obligation will not however extend to information which:

  1. was already or becomes known to the Agent through other sources not subject to such an obligation of confidentiality;
  1. is or becomes known to the market generally other than as a result of a breach of this obligation; or
  1. which the Agent is obliged to disclose pursuant to an order of a court or other such authority.

In all cases such obligation of confidentiality shall be deemed to end two years after the expiry or termination of this Agreement.

  • Notwithstanding anything in this Agreement, the Agent or the Principal shall not be required to do anything that constitutes a violation of the laws and regulations of any State to which either of them is subject.
  • All notices given by either party to the other shall be in writing and sent to the address for that other party set out at Part I of this Agreement.

A notice may be sent by registered or recorded mail, facsimile, electronically or delivered by hand.

Any notice given under this Agreement shall take effect on receipt by the other party and shall be deemed to have been received:

  1. if posted, on the seventh (7th) day after posting;
  1. if sent by facsimile or electronically, on the day of transmission; and
  1. if delivered by hand, on the day of delivery,

and in each case proof of posting, handing in or transmission shall be proof that notice has been given, unless proved to the contrary.

 Section 7 Law and Jurisdiction

  • The Parties agree to refer any disputes Turkish courts in Istanbul. They have elected the governing law and jurisdiction referred to in Box 16. Turkish law shall apply.

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